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Statistical Analysis and Modeli

Statistical Analysis and Modeling

Advanced mathematical and statistical analysis and modeling have become important tools for detecting or predicting trends in complex environmental data. Development projects also benefit from the modeling of processes — such as simulating the relative effects of project alternatives on an endangered species or predicting the locations of sensitive resources within a project area.

To help you with site planning, regulatory approvals, environmental compliance, or scientific research, our experienced in-house statisticians and modeling specialists provide expert guidance. We offer services such as building databases for data capture and storage, QA/QC assistance and audits, mathematical and statistical design and data analysis, and developing complex multivariate models to simulate the effects of a project action. We have experience with a broad range of analytical software and existing model frameworks, and we provide the programming necessary to meet the complex demands of any analytical procedures your project requires. We also offer customized training and education programs in the form of environmental statistics short-courses and data analysis seminars and workshops.

Services include:

Statistical Analysis

  • Basic and complex data analysis
  • Data extraction and manipulation
  • Forecasting and time series analysis
  • Spatial statistics and GIS applications
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Nonparametric analysis


  • Multivariate predictive models
  • Ecological/population modeling
  • Spatially explicit models
  • Simulation models for understanding complex phenomena
  • Environmental compliance modeling applications

Statistical Design

  • Experimental design
  • Environmental sampling designs
  • Database design and management
  • Comprehensive research planning