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Our health and wellness program is more than a perk. It’s part of our culture. 

We recognize that wellness is a key aspect of our benefits program. At SWCA, we take a holistic approach to wellness through our dedicated wellness program, Thrive, which encompasses five dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional, social, financial, and environmental.

Thrive recognizes our employee’s diverse needs while supporting the total health of the individual, helping you to Grow, Prosper, and Flourish. Learn more about SWCA’s approach to the five dimensions of Thrive below:


SWCA's commitment to physical wellness means maintaining a healthy body through lifestyle and behavioral choices and reducing the risk of preventable diseases and conditions.

- Preventative medical care
- Personalized health coaching
- Company-wide fitness challenges
- Webinars for healthy diets and weight goals



SWCA works to foster emotional wellness, helping employees feel more confident and resilient in coping with life's stresses and challenges. 

- Positive work/life balance
- Paid time off options
- Personalized stress management programs and mindfulness techniques
- Time management practices
- Creating healthy habits


SWCA encourages social wellness by supporting connection and positive relationships in each other's work and home communities.

- Employee resource groups
- Gives Back community involvement opportunities
- Employee-owner celebrations
- Company-wide fitness challenges
- Local social events
- Hobby classes


SWCA's commitment to financial wellness allows employees to better understand your financial situation, feel prepared to manage unexpected changes, and define a path to your own future goals.

- Financial planning and expert advice
- Retirement programs
- Budgeting tools
- Estate planning and legal assistance
- Education reimbursement opportunities


Environmental wellness is at the core of SWCA's work. We strive to develop a better understanding of how your natural and built environments affect your health and how your habits and lifestyles affect the environment.

- Healthy home allergy reduction
- Non-toxic home and auto cleaning solutions
- Building sustainable habits
- Reducing our carbon footprint at home and when traveling

How I Thrive

“Thrive is one of my favorite things about SWCA, because it perfectly represents how much employees are valued here. Some of my favorites elements of the program are the company-wide annual step competition and paid time off for wellness (not just illness). Not to mention the dedicated team that is always improving and adding to the program. If you’re looking for a place that invests in the health and happiness of their employees, look no further.”

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