SWCA Is Airborne!

To support the needs of our clients and deliver the highest level of service possible, SWCA now offers Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), a.k.a “drone” services.

With on-staff FAA-licensed pilots and DJI Phantom quadcopters, SWCA can now capture high-resolution video, photos, and detailed aerial imagery of a project area, which can be georeferenced and incorporated into GIS products. In addition, we can perform 3D modeling to create surfaces for GIS visualization and analysis.

UAS services allow SWCA to capture aerial photography when and where it is most relevant.  That may be during construction activities, archaeological excavations, river studies, right-of-way surveys, or endangered plant or wetland surveys, as examples. The ability to capture photography at a certain time and date, at a reasonable cost, gives us a valuable new tool for analysis. SWCA’s drone capabilities are evolving and the products we offer may expand.

Example Applications For Drones

  • Fly-over Videos and Project Overviews
  • Phase 1 Assessments
  • Wetland Mapping
  • Reclamation/Revegetation Monitoring
  • Archaeological Site Mapping
  • Historical Building/Structure Documentation
  • Impact/Construction Activity Mapping
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Reclamation Monitoring
  • Vegetation Mapping
  • Change Detection
  • Digital Elevation Models/3D Topographic Maps

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