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On May 1, 2019 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed down-listing the American burying beetle (ABB) from endangered to threatened. Currently, the ABB is federally-listed as endangered, and activities that may affect the ABB are regulated to ensure conservation of the species.

When it comes to project activity occurring within the current range and favorable habitat of the ABB, there are two options:

You can assume presence of the ABB and apply for a permit through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; or

You can have a licensed professional conduct a presence/absence survey for the ABB to determine whether a permit may be warranted.

Until a final rule is published, SWCA recommends conducting a presence/absence survey for the ABB to determine if the species is within your project area. Survey season for the ABB is weather-dependent, and there are two timeframes allotted for completing these surveys, beginning in mid-May and lasting through mid-September.

ABB Survey Season

Why Choose SWCA?

SWCA can help you determine which survey season makes the most sense for your project! We have the expertise to assess your project for favorable ABB habitat and determine whether any regulatory approvals will be required. With SWCA, you get:

  • Approved Methodology. SWCA’s habitat analysis method is efficient, cost-effective, and agency-accepted for determining the presence of favorable and unfavorable habitat in the project area, for determining if presence/absence surveys are necessary and for preparing the necessary documentation for project approvals.
  • Federally-Permitted Biologists. SWCA has some of the only individuals that possess a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Section 10 permit to survey the American burying beetle. The surveys we conduct are used to determine the presence of the species and identify any applicable permitting requirements
  • A Proactive Approach. Determining the presence of American burying beetle is time-sensitive, with only a 4-month survey window from mid-May to mid-September. SWCA helps you start planning early to keep your project timelines on track.

Contact SWCA for more information.