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As part of our utility wildfire mitigation plan process, SWCA works with the client to assess wildland fire risk throughout the utility’s service area and develop unique and effective wildfire prevention strategies and protocols.  

Each wildfire mitigation plan (WMP) aims to minimize the probability that transmission and distribution systems may contribute to or cause wildfire ignition and protect the system from wildfire damage to secure service for customers. Using sound science and creative solutions, SWCA works to identify potential actions to improve public safety and outreach. Our WMP process includes: 

  • Stakeholder Collaboration. We work with regional stakeholders, such as municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies, to ensure that the plan considers other regional wildfire planning efforts and protects high-risk electric infrastructure.  
  • Thorough Assessment. We carefully examine possible wildfire hazards and risks to identify measures that clients can take for system hardening, operations and maintenance, vegetation management, and situational awareness.  
  • A Proactive Approach. We work closely with fire response agencies to identify wildfire response strategies, standard operating procedures, and communication and coordination protocols to advance wildfire response in the event of a utility-related wildfire.