SWCA has a long history of providing sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

We offer a dedicated sustainability and climate change group that focuses exclusively on providing our clients' sustainability planning, greenhouse gas (GHG) management, and environmental data management services. We specialize in working with clients to identify and baseline their organizations current environmental impacts and develop sustainability programs that will reduce these impacts while also helping reduce costs, increase revenues, and promote corporate citizenship.


Sustainability Training

SWCA's sustainability training is available to meet the growing demand for management and employees to develop the skills to help their organization embrace eco-friendly business practices. Our training ranges from simple lunch-and-learns to detailed, full-day seminars. Topics range from climate change, employee environmental awareness, and green team development to detailed sustainability manager training, and each topic can be customized to meet your specific needs. We focus on providing participants with the understanding and knowledge to contribute to a successful sustainability program and GHG management for your organization.

Relevant Services

Sustainability Management

  • Management Consultation and Strategic Planning
  • Environmental Baseline Assessments
  • Ecological Footprint Assessments
  • Sustainability Plan Development
  • Sustainability Manager Training and Employee Engagement
  • Data Management Systems and Sustainability Scorecards
  • Triple Bottom Line Strategy Development
  • Landfill, Waste, Recycling, and Water Use Assessments
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories
  • Carbon Risk Assessments
  • Impact and Cost Reduction Strategy Development

Sustainability Training Services

  • Climate Change
  • Green Team Development
  • Employee Awareness
  • Sustainability Management

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