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Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their impact in the world.

From emissions to operational impacts to inclusion and diversity, executives understand the need to involve stakeholders and be transparent in their business dealings and reporting.  SWCA works with organizations to identify ways to lessen their environmental impact – from strategy through implementation, data management, reporting and communication.

Our company’s purpose, “to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today” speaks directly to the environmental and social components of ESG. As one of the largest environmental firms focused on cultural and natural resources, we bring science-based solutions to our client’s projects. These include nature-positive solutions that lead to biodiversity and long-term ecosystem enhancement and sustainable business solutions that ensure long-term commitment and compatibility with other client priorities.

Relevant Services

Meet the Experts

ESG Strategy Reporting

Dawn Hein

Dawn is an environmental engineer with ESG strategy and reporting experience. She has built ESG programs, managed working groups, and produced corporate sustainability reports that include TCFD disclosures, emissions calculations, and climate risk reporting.

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Nature-Based Solutions

Daren Pait

Daren is an environmental engineer with more than 20 years of experience in surface water design including natural stream channel and wetland design, shoreline stabilization and living shoreline design, hydraulic flood modeling and mitigation, and watershed management planning.

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Eileen Fagan
ESG Communications

Eileen Fagan, LEED AP

Eileen has more than 11 years of experience writing and producing sustainability reports to highlight the valuable programs, systems, emissions data, and progress toward ESG goals.

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Indigenous Relations

Scott Phillips

Scott is the technical director for cultural resources at the national level for SWCA. He has more than 30 years of experience in archeology, tribal consultation, and historical studies leading historians, archaeologists, and tribal relations experts in cultural resources management endeavors.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Sarah Lupis

Sara has over 18 years of experience in stakeholder engagement as a certified professional facilitator designing public involvement processes and engaging stakeholders through public scoping, surveys, and focus groups.

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Project Spotlights