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Public Engagement Strategies Tailored to Meet Your Needs

SWCA Environmental Consultants has developed public engagement strategies and led public outreach efforts for our clients and agencies for decades. A well-designed public engagement strategy provides a variety of mechanisms for the public to learn more about a project, along with multiple options for providing feedback and comments. Our team has tools to support your project needs, ranging from one-way communication (to inform or raise awareness) to interactive options (to gain input).  

In particular, there are advantages to virtual public meeting options (see below) that allow the public to participate from the comfort of their own home and you to provide the information or get the feedback you want and need. The goal is to make project information available to as many people as possible and ensure that there are minimal limitations from accessibility issues. 


“SWCA, you all were fantastic and are largely responsible for the success of the Virtual Public Meeting. We could not have done this without your expertise, patience and cooperation.”

- Mike Valle, U.S. Bureau of Land Management 


Virtual Public Meeting and Engagement Tools:

  • Creating a dedicated virtual environment for public engagement
  • Providing secure webinar tools for virtual meetings
  • Facilitating participant registration
  • Allowing the meeting to have multiple hosts in different locations
  • Creating Q&A forums
  • Producing meeting transcripts for viewing later or for project records
  • Hosting presentation video recordings that can be watched at any time
  • Centralizing libraries for FAQs, PowerPoints, and PDF posters
  • Providing dedicated project phone lines (voicemails emailed as WAV files and with a transcript)
  • Ensuring accessibility with features like live closed captioning during virtual meetings

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