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Established in 2016 when SWCA acquired New England Environmental (NEE), our Amherst office is unique in that the building is a solar-powered, 15,800-square-foot LEED Platinum Certified property. The property includes a rain garden, open space, native landscaping, water-saving features, a stormwater management system, and nontoxic building materials. The site is located on two bus routes and offers showers for employees who bike to work.

The Amherst team is known for its work in ecological restoration and landscape architecture. Our staff includes ecological designers, landscape architects, wetland scientists, geologists, GIS professionals, ecologists, restoration specialists, wildlife biologists, and other experts.*

*Providing engineering services through SWCA Environmental Consulting & Engineering, Inc., an affiliate of SWCA.

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SFisher [at] swca [dot] com (subject: Amherst%20Office%20Contact) (Contact the Amherst Office)

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Scott Fisher, Director - Amherst & Boston


Scott Fisher | Senior Director, Amherst & Boston
sfisher [at] swca [dot] com (Contact Scott)

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