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SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new, innovative career development program, SWCA’s Career Landscape. This effort is a critical component of SWCA’s strategy to create a vibrant, rewarding, and fulfilling work environment for all employees.

With three years of planning and development behind it, SWCA’s Career Landscape is uniquely designed to help employees chart career paths that leverage their individual strengths, discover and develop unknown skills, and identify new opportunities across our growing organization. The program is built on SWCA’s core values of Always Learning and Never Settle and emphasizes individualized professional development planning as well as an organizational focus on increasing inclusion, diversity, and equity at all levels. Employees collaborate with supervisors, colleagues, and learning plans to accelerate development in specific competencies and gain the experiences required to achieve their individual career goals.

A recent engagement survey of all SWCA employees, completed after the rollout of the Career Landscape program, showed the significant positive impact of this initiative. Scores related to career development increased drastically since the prior survey, including an astounding 24-percentage point increase in response to the statement “I am aware of career paths and future opportunities available to me at SWCA.”

“I have dedicated my career to helping individuals, teams, and organizations learn and grow to achieve their authentic definition of success,” said Deborah Owens, SWCA’s Chief People Officer, “and this program is the most comprehensive, powerful, and well-designed career development program I’ve ever seen. Employee feedback about this program is pure excitement. The SWCA Career Landscape provides a framework for exploring and learning through dynamic planning tools for employees in all stages of their careers. Prospective employees considering SWCA can now join the team with full confidence that their career path forward is a company priority.”

“SWCA is 100% employee-owned, so when one of us succeeds, we all succeed,” said CEO and President Joseph J. Fluder, III. “That success comes from empowering every employee to be their best and giving them the tools to shape their career at SWCA.”

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., SWCA has offices nationwide, providing a full spectrum of environmental services including planning, natural and cultural resource management, permitting, regulatory compliance, water resources, climate-driven services, and ecological restoration. The company’s growing team of professionals combines scientific expertise with in-depth knowledge of permitting and compliance protocols to achieve technically sound, cost-effective solutions for environmental projects throughout the United States and its territories.