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SWCA Environmental Consultants is pleased to announce it has acquired Onsite Environmental Consulting (OEC), an environmental consulting firm in Jacksonville, Florida.

Founded in 2004, OEC provides a wide array of environmental services including renewable energy siting and permitting, wetland delineation, gopher tortoise services, dune restoration, and living shoreline design, habitat restoration and mitigation, water quality monitoring, land development studies, and stakeholder engagement. The company works with clients in a variety of sectors including in the energy/power, land development, mining, and municipal sectors.

The OEC acquisition complements SWCA’s existing presence in Pensacola and Ft. Lauderdale and will enable SWCA to better serve clients in Florida and the Southeast. The addition of the OEC team also gives SWCA clients access to the deep knowledge and broad skill sets OEC has built.

“Onsite Environmental Consulting has been translating complex environmental challenges into solutions for clients for nearly two decades. I’m thrilled to have OEC join the SWCA team,” said SWCA CEO Joseph J. Fluder, III. “Their experience with listed species, wetlands, environmental permitting, and living shoreline services is well recognized throughout Florida and the Southeast. SWCA is pleased to bring our wide-ranging national environmental expertise to more clients in this market.”

“I am excited beyond words for the opportunities that lay ahead for the OEC team and our clients,” said Janet Herrick OEC CEO/President. “SWCA and OEC are well aligned on principles including services, priorities, and even culture, making for a fantastic synergy.”

SWCA is a nationwide environmental consulting firm providing a full spectrum of environmental services focusing on planning, natural and cultural resource management, permitting, regulatory compliance, water resources, and ecological restoration. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company’s growing team of professionals combines scientific expertise with in-depth knowledge of permitting and compliance protocols to achieve technically sound, cost-effective solutions for environmental projects throughout the United States and its territories.