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SWCA recently joined Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), a conservation organization that empowers companies to advance their biodiversity, sustainability, employee engagement, and community relations goals.

Through a focus on building collaboration with corporate employees, other conservation organizations, government agencies, and community members, the WHC programs translate corporate sustainability goals and objectives into tangible and measurable on-the-ground actions.

“WHC is excited to continue our work with SWCA, and we look forward to further partnering with them in their companywide efforts to positively impact the environment. SWCA’s new membership represents an opportunity to work together to advance conservation goals at a large scale,” said Margaret O’Gorman, Wildlife Habitat Council President.

Membership in the WHC connects SWCA to a range of new stakeholders and conservation opportunities nationwide while allowing us to strengthen our partnerships with existing clients. It promotes community engagement and a commitment to improving the ecological value in the places we live, work, and play. Potential conservation opportunities extend to ecological restoration, habitat creation, permitting, water services, cultural resources, invasive species control, and more.    

“SWCA is pleased to join the Wildlife Habitat Council as a Member Corporation aligning our common goals and mission to deliver sound science and creative solutions that aid our natural environment.  We look forward to working with partner organizations towards common goals,” said Mike Lancioni, Client Services Director.

SWCA will be present at the WHC 2023 Conservation Conference in Baltimore this June, where conservation professionals will connect and strategize on current issues facing the intersection of biodiversity and business.