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The following describes privacy policies and related information practices of SWCA, Incorporated, dba SWCA Environmental Consultants.  SWCA is sometimes referred to as “we” or the “company”.  References to “you” mean the individuals addressed by this document.  References to the company “website” or “site” means the company’s website where this policy is posted.

Information Practices

Similar to other businesses in our industry, we collect, maintain and otherwise use various information in the course of conducting business.  Business information used by the company includes certain information about third-parties such as current clients and prospective clients.  Examples of third-party information include contact information for those third-parties and for individual representatives of those third-parties.

Third-party information used by the company generally consists of information provided by third-parties or their representatives and information that is publicly available.  For example, if contact details are provided through the website for purposes of obtaining information (e.g., in connection with subscribing to a company mailing list or registering for a company seminar), those contact details will be used for that purpose and may also be used to provide other information that we believe may be of interest to the recipient such as information about the company’s services.

Confidentiality and Security

Any information that is subject to confidentiality or privacy obligations is maintained in accordance with those obligations.  As part of that effort, reasonable security precautions are maintained as required by applicable obligations and otherwise determined to be appropriate.  Subject to compliance with applicable confidentiality and privacy obligations, information may be shared in the ordinary course of business as determined to be necessary or appropriate.  For example, information regarding client projects may be shared with subcontractors as necessary to perform services for the client.  Information is subject to disclosure when required under applicable laws such as in the case of a court order.


Where practical, we provide opportunities to limit our use of information regarding individuals.  For example, emails sent by the company for marketing purposes may include an automated online means to unsubscribe or otherwise opt out.  Those emails may also include contact information that can be used for opt-out requests.  Also, requests by individuals to limit use of their information can be submitted to us at (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

Scope of Policies

This document applies to information regarding persons outside of our organization that is collected, maintained and otherwise used by the company through online means (e.g., in connection with the website or through company email) and through offline means.  This document is not intended to apply to company information regarding internal personnel or prospective internal personnel.  Please note that in the case of third-parties (e.g., any third-party websites that may be referenced on the company’s site or elsewhere), the information practices of those third-parties are governed by the information practices and privacy policies of those companies which we do not have control over or responsibility for.

Changes in Practices and Policies

This document is intended to describe the privacy policies and related information practices of the company in general terms and the company may adopt additional or different policies and practices.  In the event of a major change in our privacy policies and related information practices which causes this document to be inaccurate, this document will be revised to reflect that change as required by law and otherwise determined to be appropriate.  The company will determine in its discretion whether any notice of changes beyond posting the revised document is appropriate.