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Engineering sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s world.  

SWCA has a highly qualified team of engineers, landscape architects, scientists, planners, and cultural and natural resources experts that blend science with innovation to restore ecosystems. SWCA Environmental Consulting and Engineering, an affiliate of SWCA, specializes in ecological restoration engineering and water quality remediation of the physical and biological environment, working in systems such as streams, wetlands, and coastal shorelines to improve water quality and support a diverse aquatic community. The engineering team also provides civil site development services for the solar industry including preliminary civil construction layouts, drainage plans, pre- and post-construction stormwater management, floodplain engineering, and final construction plans.


Stream and Ecological Restoration

SWCA has a dedicated ecological restoration and engineering team that designs, permits, and restores impaired ecosystems every day. This team specializes in stream restoration, wetland restoration, and living shoreline projects, and have successfully implemented these projects in numerous physiographic settings across the country, including the mountain, piedmont, prairie, coastal and central plains, and estuarine provinces. 


Site Civil Design

SWCA’s team of engineers and drafters develops 30/60/90% and Issue for Construction Drawing Sets. The engineering team works directly with the environmental and cultural resource teams to ensure the proper setbacks are maintained. SWCA generates a grading plan that utilizes information from developers and geotechnical engineers including maximum slopes and maximum depths of cut. The hydrology study results are used to determine if stormwater management controls are necessary and then the team will design them in locations that will maximize the buildable layout.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (E&SC Plans)

SWCA generates E&SC Plans utilizing the grading plan and stormwater management controls to recommend locations for Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control sediment laden runoff from leaving the project area. The E&SC Plan incorporates soil information, construction notes and details, construction sequencing and site restoration recommendations. 

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

SWCA understands the critical importance of mitigating the risks associated with oil spills for both our clients and the environment.  SWCA develops SPCC Plans to meet the regulatory requirements of the EPA and works with the developer to generate site specific SPCC Plans.  After a plan is generated our team provides training programs to educate staff and ongoing support as the facility changes over time.


Hydrology Studies and Hydraulic Modeling

SWCA models the existing project area and determines the impacts by the project development using hydrology programs such as Hydraflow, HydroCAD, HEC-RAS, and HEC-HMS. The team works with local and/or state regulations to determine the proper modeling criteria for the project and then models the results to determine possible locations and sizes of stormwater management controls. 


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Project Spotlights

Meet the Experts

Engineering Director

Daren Pait

Daren’s expertise includes watershed management planning, stormwater management system assessments, natural channel design, wetland and living shoreline design, hydraulic flood modeling and flood mitigation design, and stream/shoreline stability assessments.

Daren.Pait [at] (Contact Daren  →)
Principal Civil Engineer

Matt Pierce

Matt, Professional Engineer, has 17 years of experience in civil engineering and environmental engineering. His expertise includes site development, erosion and sediment control layout and design, earthwork cut/fill analysis, site hydraulic and hydrology analysis. 

Matt.Pierce [at] (Contact Matt  →)
Principal Restoration Engineer

Josh Allen

Josh has over 16 years’ experience working on site stabilization and ecosystem restoration projects. His experience includes conducting site investigations, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and modeling of watersheds, streams, and stormwater wetlands.


joshua.allen [at] (Contact Josh  →)
Senior Water Resources Engineer

Steve Marks

Steve is a registered professional engineer with over 16 years’ experience. He is a hydraulic modeling and FEMA permitting specialist having led dozens of site design and watershed scale master planning projects. 

steve.marks [at] (Contact Steve  →)
Senior Restoration Engineer

Tim Taylor

Tim, Civil Engineer, is experienced in ecosystem restoration, stream/watershed assessment, and water resources engineering. His expertise includes, habitat restoration, sediment pollution, public safety, stormwater treatment, and stream/wetland mitigation. 

tim.taylor [at] (Contact Tim  →)
Senior Restoration Engineer

Ben Snyder

Ben has over 20 years of experience in ecohydrology and restoration design. As a California-licensed civil engineer, he excels in projects that include wetlands, geomorphology, dam removal, fish passage, and tidal-marsh restoration, hydrology, hydraulics, and ecosystem function.

ben.snyder [at] (Contact Ben  →)
Senior Restoration Engineer

Ross St. Clair

Ross is a licensed water resources engineer in seven states with over 10 years of experience. His experience includes stream and wetland restoration, dam removal, watershed assessments, feasibility studies, green infrastructure, stormwater design, and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

ross.stclair [at] (Contact Ross  →)