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Paleontological resources — or fossils — are the remains, imprints, or traces of once-living organisms preserved in rocks, sediments, tar, amber, and other settings. 

Paleontological resources are protected under an array of federal, state, county, and city laws and ordinances. The Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies have developed regulations for the management, protection, education, and recreational uses of fossils on the lands they administer. This includes permitting requirements and mitigation guidelines for surface-disturbing projects.  

SWCA’s paleontology staff are well-versed in federal legislation. Across the United States, we are fully permitted and maintain curation agreements with major regional museums. Our expertise with research and analysis, paleontology field work, laboratory fossil preparation, and regulatory requirements is truly unique in the rapidly evolving field of paleontological consulting. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve your project goals while effectively managing paleontological resources and meeting regulatory requirements. 

Relevant Services

  • Data Compilation, Management, and Analysis
  • Paleontological Sensitivity Mapping
  • Literature Research
  • Geologic Map Reviews
  • Museum and Agency File Searches
  • Field Surveys
  • Collection and Non-collection Inventories
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Site Damage Assessment
  • Fossil Collecting, Excavations, and Salvages of All Sizes
  • Identification, Laboratory Preparation, Molding, and Casting in Field or Laboratory
  • Development and Implementation of Research Designs/Mitigation Plans
  • Fossil Specimen Analyses, Curation, and Conservation
  • Document Review and Preparation
  • Production of Interpretive and Educational Exhibits
  • Educational Services for Project Workers, Community Members, Government, and Tribal Agencies

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