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SWCA Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“these Terms”) govern use of the SWCA website (“the Site”).  The Site is owned by SWCA, Incorporated, an Arizona corporation that does business as SWCA Environmental Consultants (“SWCA”).  References in these Terms to “Users” mean parties who access or otherwise use the Site.  References to “the Site” include the content displayed by the Site (e.g., text, data, graphics and images, site layout, look and feel, and other design elements, along with any materials posted on or derived from the Site) together with the underlying components of the Site (e.g., the files, code, technology and other underlying components that comprise the Site).  Accessing or otherwise using the Site constitutes agreement to these Terms.

Permitted Use of Site and Use Restrictions

Subject to these Terms, Users are permitted to use the Site for its intended purpose.  The primary purpose of the Site is to provide information about SWCA and related matters.  Users may view, print or download, for User's own personal use, the content on the Site that is made available for viewing, printing or downloading, as applicable. Other than as expressly permitted by these Terms, Users shall not copy, reproduce, excerpt, modify, distribute, transmit, display, adapt or edit, or create derivative works based on, the Site.

User agrees to comply with all applicable terms and laws in connection with the Site.  Use of certain aspects of the Site may be subject to additional terms made available separately.  Any use of the Site other than as permitted by applicable terms is prohibited.  The Site may include non-public portions which require credentials for access.  Any use of non-public portions of the Site without express permission from an authorized representative of SWCA is prohibited.

The Site, or portions thereof, may be modified by SWCA from time to time.  Availability of the Site is also subject to change.  SWCA may restrict or revoke some or all of the permissions given with respect to the Site, including permissions regarding use of content from the Site, with respect to some or all Users.  SWCA reserves the right to restrict any linking to the Site that SWCA determines to be inappropriate but assumes no responsibility to take any particular action.  In the event User violates these Terms, User's permission to use the Site shall automatically terminate. 

Proprietary Rights

The Site (including its content and underlying components as described above) is proprietary to SWCA and is protected by intellectual property laws including copyright laws, trademark laws and other laws.  Other than the limited permission given to use the Site in accordance with these Terms, SWCA reserves all rights.  SWCA's making available of information, materials and other content does not constitute a license.  The Site content may include articles, reports, white papers, etc. (collectively “Site Publications”) which are proprietary and protected by intellectual property laws as described above.  Site Publications are subject to all restrictions set forth in these Terms.  In no event shall any Site Publications be used commercially or altered in any manner.


“SWCA®”, “SWCA Environmental Consultants®” and “Sound Science. Creative Solutions®” (including the stylized SWCA logo) are federally registered trademarks of SWCA.  SWCA's trademarks are also registered in other countries where SWCA does business.  Other trademarks that may appear on the Site may be trademarks of SWCA or third-parties. SWCA's trademarks may not be used without SWCA's express permission as documented in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of SWCA providing for such restrictions and other terms as are required by SWCA. Examples of uses of SWCA trademarks that are prohibited without such permission include use as metatags or other hidden text.  Third-party trademarks may not be used without appropriate authorization from their respective owners.

Third-Party Content

The Site may contain information from or about third parties or links to information from or about third parties (“Third-Party Content”).  In no event shall SWCA have any responsibility relating to any such Third-Party Content or relating to any services or products provided by those third parties.  If SWCA becomes aware of any inappropriate Third-Party Content on or connected to the Site, SWCA may remove that content to the extent feasible but assumes no responsibility to take any particular action.


The information which is made generally available through the Site does not constitute professional advice.  Although SWCA endeavors to provide accurate information, such generally available information on the Site is provided on an AS-IS basis without any assurances regarding accuracy or other matters.

Modification of Terms

These Terms may be amended from time to time by SWCA posting changes to these Terms on the Site or by otherwise providing written notice of the changes.  Terms may not be modified or waived except as provided in the foregoing sentence.  Any use of the Site after SWCA's posting changes in these Terms or otherwise providing notice of the changes as described above constitutes User's acceptance of these Terms as modified.