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Healthy, sustainable water benefits people and the environment. Yet, in many places, we face too little water or too much. Future development depends on the ability to sustainably manage water – to store and distribute clean water and to manage water rights, stormwater, water quality, aquatic habitats, and wetlands.

SWCA’s water consultants and scientists bring an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to water management and conflict resolution.

Our team helps clients navigate water laws at all levels of government, from local and state water rights, conservation requirements, well drilling, and protection of potable water supply to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which regulates the impact of projects on watersheds, water quality, and aquatic habitat at the federal level.

SWCA works closely with clients to provide an array of services and regulatory solutions related to water resources. We can help move your project forward. 

Association Involvement

• Friends of the Chicago River

• Texas Water Resources Conservation Association (TWCA)

• Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

• Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)

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Project Spotlights

Meet the Experts

Brian Crook, Water Resources Lead
Team Lead

Brian Crook

Brian has more than 29 years of experience in public involvement, conflict resolution, and public information supporting water resources programs. He has a record of success consulting to public agencies, state and county governments, and private clients, as well as stakeholder outreach and public education efforts related to coastal ecosystem restoration, flood control, water supply, harbor planning, and other water issues. 

bcrook [at] (Contact Brian  →)
Chad Baker | Rockies Water Lead
Rockies Region

Chad Baker

Chad has nearly 20 years of experience with multi-discipline resource inventory and regulatory permitting projects. He specializes in multi-agency consultation, siting and routing, mitigation planning and construction compliance projects. 

cbaker [at] (Contact Chad  →)
Will Norman | Central / East Water Lead
Central/East Region

Will Norman

Will has experience in planning, development, and management of multi-disciplinary water resource projects and programs. He primarily focuses on coastal restoration and flood protection. 


will.norman [at] (Contact Will  →)