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Preparing for the impacts of climate change.

SWCA recognizes the increasing threat posed by global climate change. From wildfires to coastal flooding to the spread of invasive species, climate change will exert a broad range of impacts on natural and cultural resources. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest environmental science and planning firms, SWCA’s climate risk management experts possess the expertise and experience to assist our clients in identifying the potential impacts of climate change on their projects and properties and developing strategies that will address those risks and support long term sustainability.

Climate Driven Services

Disaster Recovery - Hurricane Harvey

Disaster Recovery

Helping public and private sector clients plan for and recover from disasters so they can resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration

Assisting our customers in the renewing ecosystems to improve resilience to a changing climate impacting our natural world.

Disaster Resilience


Working with our clients on long-term recovery and helping to mitigate future disasters with adaptation efforts leading to a more resilient community.

Wildfire Slide Image

Wildfire Services

Working with stakeholders to build fire adapted communities, wildfire resilience, healthy watersheds, and effective and safe wildfire response.


Project Spotlights

Meet the Experts

Vice President of Client Services

Anne Cabrera

Anne has more than 18 years of experience and specializes in multi-hazard risk and resilience planning and mitigation. Her expertise includes compliance monitoring, procurement, multiagency coordination, public information, closeout processes, and audit support. 

anne.cabrera [at] (Contact Anne  →)