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Sound Science and Creative Solutions to rebuild stronger.

In response to the ever-increasing costs of disaster recovery, there is a strong call to establish resilient communities that can withstand future risks. Accompanying this call are increased funding programs from the federal government, particularly the Federal Emergency Management Agency Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (FEMA BRIC) and Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (HUD CDBG-MIT) grants. These, along with multiple smaller state and federal agency programs, are focused specifically on disaster resilience projects with the intention to mitigate the losses to life and infrastructure from future natural disasters.

SWCA has long been a leader in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulatory compliance and ecological restoration services including coastal restoration, natural channel design, green infrastructure, and wildfire mitigation; projects that have an impact on the resilience of our lived environment. Our climate resilience consultants can provide support for federal, state, and municipal agencies, private companies, and non-profits in conceptualizing and completing resilience projects including incorporating nature-based solutions, no matter the size. 

Meet the Experts

Vice President of Client Services

Anne Cabrera

Anne has more than 18 years of experience and specializes in multi-hazard risk and resilience planning and mitigation. Her expertise includes compliance monitoring, procurement, multiagency coordination, public information, closeout processes, and audit support. 

anne.cabrera [at] (Contact Anne  →)