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Cultural resources are a foundational business practice at SWCA, rooted in the sound science and creative solutions that we have delivered since 1981.

With more than 400 cultural resources experts, SWCA is one of the largest cultural resources consultants in the United States. Our nationwide presence means we have the capacity, reliability, and experience to support projects of all sizes, types, and complexity. We provide a full suite of cultural resource services to private and public clients, led by experts in archaeology, historic preservation, management and planning, and tribal relations and ethnography.

Using our strong relationships with agency archaeologists, Tribal Nations, and State Historic Preservation Offices, we understand the specifics of how regulatory processes work in a particular geographic area and provide our clients with effective support and tailored guidance to help meet their cultural resources project objectives. Our cultural resources consultants are well versed in consultation with the National Historic Preservation Act, Cultural Resources Management for the National Environmental Policy Act review process, Archaeological Resources Protection Act, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, American Indian Religious Freedom Act, and various state laws and regulations.

Cultural Resources Services



SWCA provides a comprehensive suite of archaeological services to meet any compliance need, from planning and identification to recovery and monitoring during construction.

Our nationwide capacity and top professionals in the field mean we can handle projects of any size and complexity anywhere in the United States. We are experts in compliance with federal and state regulations pertaining to archaeology and focus on finding solutions for our clients that balance project goals with preservation.


Cultural Resource Management and Planning

Cultural resource compliance can require more than simply completing field surveys. SWCA has the expertise to support the high-level consultation and planning efforts that are needed to effectively manage important heritage resources.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Our team has a wide range of experience from compliance with Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act, to analysis under Section 4(f), understanding of unique permitting challenges, and the steps necessary to provide tax incentives for projects. We have experience working with a variety of historic properties including buildings, structures, districts, and landscapes.

Tribal and Ethnographic Consultation

Indigenous Relations and Ethnography

SWCA offers tribal services based on the recognition of tribal communities as self-governing and self-determining entities.


Ready to join SWCA?

At SWCA, cultural resource professionals can join our network of experts to work on some of the most challenging and interesting projects in the industry. We offer employees multiple pathways to career development, mentoring by top experts in the field, and the chance to be part of an employee-owned firm. SWCA is a place where you can grow your cultural resources career through our diverse clientele and project types, large network of experts, educational assistance program, investment in science, and leadership opportunities.

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Meet the Experts


Kevin Miller

Kevin is the Client Services Vice President of Cultural Resources and an expert in the archaeology of the Southwest with a background in prehistoric technologies, faunal studies, and trade/exchange systems.

kmiller [at] (Contact Kevin  →)

Scott Phillips

Scott is a technical director who leads archaeologists and tribal consultation coordinators in NHPA Sec. 106 review for federal permitting. He meets and exceeds the Sec. of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards in Archaeology, History, and Architectural History.

sphillips [at] (Contact Scott  →)

Heather Gibson

Heather is SWCA’s cultural resources senior director for Southern California, based in our Pasadena office.  She has over 22 years of experience in archaeology and cultural resources management, and specializes in urban historical archaeology.

hgibson [at] (Contact Heather  →)

Martin Handly

Martin is the director of the cultural resources program for the Arlington, Austin, San Antonio, and Tulsa offices of SWCA. He has over 30 years of cultural resource management experience with transmission projects and FERC and non-FERC regulated pipeline cooridor projects.

mhandly [at] (Contact Martin  →)

Jonathan Libbon

Jonathan is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with over 16 years of experience. He meets the Secretary of Interior’s qualifications and provides archaeological support for energy, federal, state and local, land development, and transmission projects throughout the Northeast. 

jlibbon [at] (Contact Jonathan  →)