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A trusted partner of Native American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian governments and organizations for more than 40 years.

SWCA’s Tribal liaisons assist clients in the public and private spheres with all aspects of Native community relations and consultation. We support project development that meets organizational and agency goals while upholding the values of the Native community, traditions, and culture.

We center Native community and government engagement and relationship building in our practice and professional services. We work with clients, governments, communities, and agencies to address the essential needs of environmental planning, environmental quality, heritage preservation, and development.

We offer services from the highest level of federal policy implementation to robust ethnographic investigations to inform project design and permitting. Our Tribal liaisons understand that cultural perspectives shape preferred policies and inform the actions of Native governments and their constituencies. We offer Tribal liaison and Native community-relation services, both for facilitating government-to-government consultation and for engaging Native governments and communities with private sector clients. We also support Native governments and community members in fieldwork, such as on-the-ground identification of traditional cultural places. 

Relevant Services

  • Consultation and Regulatory Process Support
  • Tribal Field Survey and Monitoring Support and Training
  • Traditional Cultural Place (TCP) Documentation and Evaluation with Tribes
  • National Register of Historic Places and TCP Preservation Plan Development
  • Ethnography, Ethnology, and Ethnohistory
  • Cultural and Biological Assessments and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Consultation
  • Natural Resource and Restoration Management Assistance
  • Environmental Assessments and NEPA Support
  • Environmental Justice
  • Energy Sovereignty Support / Community Solar
  • Tribal Historic Preservation Office Heritage Preservation Plan Development
  • Grant-Writing Assistance and Funding Source Identification
  • Preparation Assistance for Community Wildfire and Hazard Mitigation Plans

Project Spotlights

Meet the Experts

Indigenous Relations and Private Industry

Rob Joe

Rob is SWCA’s Principal Tribal Liaison nationally. He applies over 30 years of business acumen from a career of executive leadership in the private sector experience to working with Native American Tribal communities.

Rob.Joe [at] (Contact Rob  →)
Indigenous Relations and Renewable Energy

Carolyn Stewart

Carolyn is an energy industry veteran with 45 years of renewable energy and consulting experience. Over the last 20 years, she has worked with hundreds of Native American communities on energy development and cultural resource preservation.

Carolyn.Stewart [at] (Contact Carolyn  →)
Indigenous Relations and Regulatory Affairs

Scott Phillips

Scott is a senior technical director supporting Native community relations for clients, agencies, and Native governments. He is a Cultural Anthropologist with a professional background in heritage preservation and regulatory policy and affairs.

sphillips [at] (Contact Scott  →)
Ethnography and Regulatory Affairs

Suzanne Griset

Suzanne is an ethnographer and cultural resources expert involved with tribal engagement for over 30 years. She has national expertise working with indigenous heritage, knowledge, and ethnography.

sgriset [at] (Contact Suzanne   →)