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In-person, online, or both:
Public Engagement Strategies Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Need to include public engagement in your project? SWCA has the strategies and tools you need, whether you’re holding in-person meetings, online open houses or site visits, or both.

A well-designed public engagement strategy provides a variety of mechanisms for the public to learn more about a project, plus options for providing feedback and comments. Our team combines decades of public engagement experience with tech-driven, flexible options. We ensure information is accessible with approaches ranging from one-way communication (to inform or raise awareness) to interactive options that capture public input. All solutions are tailored and scalable for your specific project.


SWCA, you all were fantastic and are largely responsible for the success of the Virtual Public Meeting. We could not have done this without your expertise, patience and cooperation.

- Mike Valle, U.S. Bureau of Land Management 

Virtual Public Meeting and Engagement Tools:

  • Create a variety of virtual environments for public engagement—including SWCA’s Virtual 360 Experience
  • Provide secure webinar tools for virtual meetings
  • Facilitate participant registration
  • Allow the meeting to have multiple hosts in different locations
  • Create Q&A forums
  • Produce meeting transcripts for viewing later or for project records
  • Host presentation video recordings that can be watched at any time
  • Centralize libraries for FAQs, PowerPoints, and PDF posters
  • Provide dedicated project phone lines (voicemails emailed as WAV files and with a transcript)
  • Ensure accessibility with features like live closed captioning during virtual meetings


Virtual Open Houses in the New SWCA Virtual 360 Experience

Deliver an immersive—and interactive—environment with SWCA’s new 360 platform. This unique digital ecosystem lets you create the in-person feel of open houses or the on-the-ground perspective of site visits. This flexible, customizable digital platform combines an array of technologies to present information in a holistic way while providing advanced public interaction metrics.

SWCA’s Virtual 360 Experience offers:

  • Virtual open houses for public involvement
  • Real-time, two-way communication between stakeholders and project organizers within the digital environment
  • Analytics that let you track and report metrics including how many people visited your virtual environment, which information was most viewed or visited, survey data, and more
  • Incorporation of 360-degree imagery
  • Inclusion of hotspots (think informational popups or waypoints) to convey information such as project descriptions, maps, videos, links, and more
  • Customizable environments and options that simulate being at an open house or at a project area  
  • A platform that works seamlessly on mobile, desktops, and other devices across various browsers
  • Ability to make your virtual experience public or private
  • Various options for how to host your platform and what web address to display
  • Ability to customize elements to suit your branding

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