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Organizations are increasingly invested in making a positive, lasting, and meaningful impact.

By reducing emissions, improving water security, enabling circularity, or elevating inclusion and diversity, top leaders understand the benefits of controlling sustainability risks and opportunities in ways that simultaneously create environmental, social, and economic value.

As one of the industry’s largest firms focused on natural and cultural resources, SWCA is uniquely qualified to help build science-based sustainability and resilience strategies, plans, programs, and initiatives that result in greater impact — impact that can be monitored, measured, reported, and communicated in ways that clearly demonstrate progress.

ALO Advisors, an SWCA company, is honored to have a distinguished group of advisors assist our management team on issues of strategic importance. We have formalized this group as an Advisory Board, bringing together diverse experiences and insights from leaders in business, industry, academia, NGOs, and consulting.

Relevant Services

  • Sustainability Strategy and Plans
  • Risk/Opportunity Analyses
  • Sustainable and Resilient Value Chains
  • Business Case for Sustainability
  • Nature-Positive Solutions
  • Data, Disclosure, Reporting, and Strategic Communications
  • Innovative Decarbonization, Water, Circularity, Cultural, and Social Initiatives
  • Collective Action Facilitation
  • Transactional and Operational Program Activation

Project Spotlights

Meet the Experts

Robert Kloepfer
Global Strategic Management Officer

Robert Kloepfer

Bob has worked with top corporations for more than 35 years to maximize effective environmental, health, and safety performance assurance, organizational review and optimization, risk management and control, sustainability, and ESG.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20Sustainability%20Request%3A%20Bob%20Kloepfer) (Contact Bob  →)
Vice President - Sustainability & Management Consulting

John R. Platko, II

John has more than 30 years of business, environmental, and health and safety leadership experience. He has led projects in more than 40 countries on topics such as sustainability, innovation, and commercial digital technology.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20ESG%20Request%3A%20John%20Platko) (Contact John  →)
Strategic Growth Director

Rebecca Wisniewski

Becky is a senior consultant and engineer with more than 20 years of experience providing global sustainability services to private and public multinational clients on strategic environmental management.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20ESG%20Request%3A%20Becky%20Wisniewski) (Contact Becky  →)
Strategy Management Technical Director

Peter Penning

ALO Advisors BV, an SWCA Company

With more than 30 years of international experience in sustainability and EHS management, Peter is uniquely qualified to address the sustainability needs of multinational clients.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20ESG%20Request%3A%20Peter%20Penning) (Contact Peter  →)
Service Line Director - Strategy Management

Tristan Steichen

Tristan has more than 25 years of experience collaborating with global consumer product and industrial manufacturing companies and other partners to address the practicalities of circular economy strategy and implementation.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20ESG%20Request%3A%20Tristan%20Steichen) (Contact Tristan  →)
Strategy Management Technical Director

Peter Baty

Peter is an environmental engineer with more than 25 years of experience in corporate M&A transaction support and risk management, integrating traditional environmental, health, and safety due diligence support with sustainability services.

webcontactSMC [at] (subject: SWCA%20ESG%20Request%3A%20Peter%20Baty) (Contact Peter  →)