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To us, sustainability means balancing humanity’s social, economic, and environmental needs to provide a healthy planet for future generations.

We believe our sustainability efforts in our project work, our partnerships, and our operations create a stronger company and will help ensure a more prosperous future for our people and our planet. Through aligning our sustainability goals with the internationally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) we strive to be innovative and proactive leaders in sustainable business practices. Learn more about SWCA’s Positive Impact Areas and our commitment to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

For more information, read our Sustainability Policy or browse our 2022 Sustainability Report below.



Employee Safety

Our SWCA core value Never Settle is demonstrated best in our Safety Program. In 2022, our Senior Safety Specialist achieved the prestigious Associate Safety Professional Certification (ASP), elevating SWCA’s reputation in the field of safety.

.09 Total Recordable Incident Rate

0 Days Away Restricted Time

47% Women in leadership

Our employee-led affinity groups conduct frequent meetings, organize social and educational gatherings, and launch companywide initiatives.

80% of total costs covered for all medical plans

SWCA’s Total Rewards package maintains internal fairness and external competitiveness.


Every 18 months, SWCA carries out comprehensive engagement surveys across the company, offering employees a formal and confidential avenue to share their feedback and suggestions. 

84% Participation in the 2022 engagement survey

92% Satisfaction with Future of Work


SWCA’s interns participate in a thoughtfully orchestrated and guided program that introduces them to the company’s leadership, including interactions with our CEO.

1,551 Internship Applications

23 Interns in 2022

100% employee-owned

Being an ESOP-based organization is a fundamental element of SWCA’s culture and offers financial and retirement advantages for our staff.


SWCA Gives Back

In 2022, SWCA’s commitment to giving reached unprecedented levels, breaking records for employee volunteer hours, nationwide Gives Back events, and the overall impact, marking it as the most impactful year in company history.

1,686 Volunteer Hours

152 Community Organizations Supported

Austin Have a Heart Award Winner

In 2022, Austin went above and beyond with the highest total volunteer hours and most volunteer hours per employee.

$7,510 Raised for food security

Money raised by SWCA employees for local food security organizations was matched to, a nationwide nonprofit.

Environmental Stewardship

Beyond our project work, SWCA employees participate in environmental stewardship projects through the Gives Back program to benefit our communities and environment.

32 Events Nationwide

707 Hours of Restoration

Supplier Diversity

Since 2014, SWCA’s Supplier Diversity Program has consistently nurtured the growth of collaborations between SWCA and a multitude of thriving small and diverse firms, cementing robust partnerships along the way.

109 Small Business Partners

37% Subcontracts to small businesses

9.1 / 10 Average Client Feedback Score

To gauge our performance against client expectations, we survey at the end of projects and organize programmatic client check-in meetings.


Sustainability Badges

This program establishes a transparent and efficient framework for motivating, monitoring, and evaluating environmental sustainability accomplishments at the office level.

28 Badges

14 Offices Participating

100% Offices committed

In July 2022, 100% of SWCA offices pledged to end single-use plastic purchasing of water bottles, cups, plates, and utensils for office use.

6,000 Pounds of electronics recycled

We are designing new technology solutions for 90% smaller office footprints.

ESC and Green Team

The Environmental Sustainability Committee and the Green Team Network drive transformative sustainability initiatives, leveraging education, engagement, and goal attainment as their guiding principles.

$11,410 Raised for environmental nonprofits

200 employees engaged in events

Sage Grouse Tagging and Monitoring

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

During 2022, SWCA meticulously computed Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, adhering to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

73% Decrease in ATV emissions

250 new employees in 2022

49% increase in commuter survey response

Improved data-gathering protocols led to more accurate travel data for GHG calculations.

Connect with SWCA

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