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With a diverse group of biologists, ecologists, paleontologists, and other technical experts, SWCA’s natural resources consultants address biological, aquatic, terrestrial, and water issues with  the goal of managing the natural resources on which we all depend. 

Working with both private and government clients, we specialize in all areas of natural resource management, including planning; mitigation; and permitting related to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Clean Water Act (CWA), and other critical legislation for terrestrial and aquatic species and their habitats. 

Natural Resources Services

Aquatic Biology Services

Aquatic Biology

SWCA’s aquatic services focus not only on water itself, but on the fish, aquatic insects, invertebrates, and algae that live within it.

Terrestrial Biology Services

Terrestrial Biology

SWCA’s Terrestrial Biology services focus on understanding how and where different land-dwelling species live through evaluating species and their habitats.

Caves and Karst Services

Karst, Caves, and Geology

We are federally-permitted to study the relationships between karst- and cave-dwelling species and their habitats, and can provide our services to you in all phases of your project.

Paleontology Services


Our expertise in research and analysis, field work, fossil preparation, and regulatory compliance is unique in the rapidly evolving field of paleontological consulting.


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