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Brian Mehok is the Vice President for SWCA’s Gulf Coast subregion, which includes our Houston and Baton Rouge offices. 

Brian brings a strong consulting background and breadth of experience to this role, including success at driving sales growth and diversification, building a diverse and scalable program, and promoting collaboration across operations. After earning a Civil Environmental Engineering Degree at University of Texas at Arlington, Brian began his career in 2003 as an Environmental Specialist for a large consulting firm, eventually taking on greater responsibilities and earning the roles of Environmental Planning and Permitting Area Manager and Impact Assessment and Permitting Practice Lead.

Brian joined SWCA in 2017 as a Natural Resources Director, immediately bolstering and growing our reputation in the oil and gas industry, but also opening doors with his experience and network leading to significant market and geographic diversification in the subregion. These successes have led to financial growth, greater diversity in project types, and career opportunities that have not only benefited the Gulf Coast subregion, but neighboring subregions as well.