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The challenges of land development are unique and complex. SWCA helps land development clients and landowners seeking entitlements meet these challenges so that they can effectively and responsibly achieve project goals.

We provide environmental assistance for the development of master-planned communities as well as urban, open space, commercial, resort, and recreational areas. SWCA assists federal and state agencies as well as development, mining, and transportation clients with services for land exchanges. For all land development consulting projects, we provide creative, environmentally sound solutions that maintain and build project value and demonstrate environmental leadership.

Association Involvement

• Building Industry Association (San Diego)

• Ecological Restoration Business Association (ERBA)

• Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

• Society of Wetland Scientists

• Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)

Relevant Services



integrated PLANNING

Project Spotlights

Meet The Experts

Southeast Region

Lucas Coleman

Lucas manages SWCA’s land services team who provides site identification and acquisition services to clients. He specializes in managing landowner and client relationships, co-developed SWCA’s renewables siting model, and holds a national outlook on early-stage development opportunities.

Lucas.Coleman [at] (Contact Lucas  →)
Robert MacAller | Office DIrector - San Diego
West Region

Rob MacAller

Robert has provided expertise in habitat restoration and natural resources for over 27 years. He specializes in negotiating, planning, implementing, and managing projects for land development throughout the west.  

robert.macaller [at] (Contact Robert  →)
Nate Wojcik
Rockies Region

Nate Wojcik

Nate is a senior ecologist with nearly two decades of reclamation experience in the Rockies Region. He specializes in integrating concepts founded in successional ecology into restoration planning to facilitate stages of ecosystem recovery. 

nwojcik [at] (Contact Nate  →)