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We live in a visual world, one that will continue to change and evolve.

Visual resources are frequently the face of a proposed project for the public. From power generation and transmission, to public infrastructure and beyond, our visual resources management experts accurately portray what new projects will look like in the landscape exactly as they are intended to be developed, without bias. Visual simulations, viewshed analyses, and other visual assets paired with strategic communication can be critical for conveying potential community impacts to decision-makers, interested stakeholders, and the public. These visual tools help facilitate understanding and build consensus.

The collection, analysis, and strategic communication of visual resources are an important branch of environmental planning services that allow our clients’ projects to move forward.


In The News

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12 SWCA Staff with Visual Resource Experience

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Visual Resources Director

Chris Bockey

Chris brings over 13 years of experience working with federal, state, and local agencies on the inventory and analysis of visual resources. As a Visual Resources Director, he leads the nationwide growth of experts in technical visual analysis and digital visualization.

chris.bockey [at] (Contact Chris  →)
Senior Visual Resources Consultant

Brynn Guthrie

Brynn is a registered landscape architect and experienced Visual Resource Specialist with over 15 years in consulting practice. She brings technical expertise to support clients with visual resource analysis and visual impact mitigation design.

Brynn.Guthrie [at] (Contact Brynn  →)
Lead Visual Simulation Consultant

Cullen Chapman

Cullen has more than a decade of experience in the landscape architecture industry, with a focus on conceptual design and digital visualization. He provides expertise in the development of simulation and visualization materials.

cullen.chapman [at] (Contact Cullen  →)
Associate Project Visual Resources Specialist

Kevin Rauhe

Kevin has worked with federal and state agencies analyzing visual resources across the U.S. for more than 10 years. He develops project-specific analysis techniques and strategies to identify and reduce effects on the visual environment.

kevin.rauhe [at] (Contact Kevin  →)
Associate Project Visual Simulation Specialist

Spenser Branch

Spenser has more than nine years of experience in the development of photorealistic and animated visual simulations in support of federal, state, and local permitting processes associated with wind, solar, transmission, and water projects.

spenser.branch [at] (Contact Spenser  →)