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With nearly two decades of experience in wildfire sciences, SWCA is a recognized expert in completing pre- and post-fire planning work throughout the United States.

We emphasize collaborative planning across large, multi-jurisdictional landscapes, working with federal, state, and local government agencies, non-governmental agencies, private industry, and communities. Successful resilience in the face of climate-driven wildfires requires planning ahead for all stages of the wildfire cycle: readiness, response, and recovery.

Our fire experts provide a full suite of services and customized plans to meet both large-scale, regional needs and those of small communities aligning with the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

SWCA Wildfire Plan Examples

Santa Fe CWPP
New Mexico

Santa Fe County

Story Map

SWCA worked with Santa Fe County Fire Department to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The SWCA Team developed an interactive Story Map to increase engagement with the Santa Fe County public during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Pope County CWPP

Pope County


SWCA developed the Pope County CWPP, a county-level plan that evaluates wildfire threat to communities and infrastructure, and identifies measures that homeowners, land managers, and fire departments can take to reduce the impact of wildfire to life, property, and other community values at risk.

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Colorado Post-Fire Playbook

Colorado Post-Fire Playbook

Recovery Playbook

SWCA worked with multiple Colorado agencies and stakeholders to prepare a Post-Fire Playbook to serve Counties, Tribes, Municipalities, and Water Providers.

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Santa Clara CWPP

Santa Clara County


SWCA developed Santa Clara CWPP, a countywide strategic plan with goals for creating a safer wildland urban interface community and to assist in protecting human life and reducing property loss due to wildfire throughout the planning area.

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Ridge Manorville Calverton CWPP
New York



SWCA developed this CWPP to address the wildfire threat to communities in the Ridge, Manorville, and Calverton hamlets, and provide recommendations to abate catastrophic wildfire and to minimize its impacts to those communities.

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Ute Park Fire
New Mexico

Ute Park Fire

Rehabilitation Plan

SWCA worked with multiple jurisdictions and stakeholders to develop a Damage Assessment and Burned Area Rehabilitation Plan for the Ute Park Fire in northern New Mexico.

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Valencia County CWPP
New Mexico

Valencia County


SWCA developed this CWPP to address the hazards and risks of wildland fire throughout Valencia County and make recommendations for fuel reduction projects, public outreach and education, structural ignitability reduction, and fire response capabilities.

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Relevant Services

Inventory and Assessment

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • County and Regional Community Risk Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • On-the-Ground Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Firewise Community Assessments and Coordination
  • Fuel and Vegetation Mapping and Inventories


  • Facilitation of Public and Core Team Meetings
  • Analysis of the Management Situation
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Fire Hazard Reduction Plans
  • Public Involvement/Community Outreach
  • Workshops and Training

Mitigation and Restoration

  • Hazardous Fuels Reduction Monitoring
  • Restoration Plans
  • Plant Community Assessments
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Wildlife Assessments
  • Data Recovery and Mitigation
  • Pre- and Post-fire Cultural and Historic Surveys

Compliance and Management

  • Recommendations for Fuels Treatments
  • Recommendations for Public Education and Outreach
  • Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Agency Planning Document Updates and Implementation
  • Identification of Grant and Funding Opportunities for Plan Implementation

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