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Cultural resource compliance can require more than simply completing field surveys. SWCA’s cultural resources consultants have the expertise to support the high-level consultation and planning efforts that are needed to effectively manage important heritage resources.

Any number of firms can provide archaeological and historic architectural inventories—and at SWCA we are great at those too—but few can match the expertise that SWCA’s team can deliver when it comes to meeting advanced cultural resource management needs. Our consultants provide regulatory understanding and the consultation support skills needed to meet the cultural resources management and planning needs of any project, no matter how simple or complex. Our nationwide presence means that we have experts with local resource knowledge and experience working with local stakeholders wherever our clients’ projects are located.

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Scott Phillips

Scott is a senior technical director who leads archaeologists and tribal consultants in NHPA Sec. 106 review for federal permitting. He meets and exceeds the Sec. of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards in Archaeology, History, and Architectural History.

sphillips [at] (Contact Scott  →)

Heather Gibson

Heather is a cultural and paleontological resources director with 20 years of experience. She oversees SWCA’s architectural history and paleontology programs and supervises investigations for compliance and preservation projects.

hgibson [at] (Contact Heather  →)

Kelly Beck

Dr. Beck is a cultural resources principal investigator and archaeologist with more than 20 years of experience. He is an experienced environmental conflict resolution practitioner with training as a mediator and in natural resources collaboration.

kbeck [at] (Contact Kelly  →)

Michael Bever

Dr. Bever has over 25 years of experience in archaeology and cultural resources management. He has experience and specialized training in project management, business development, and cultural resources practice oversight.

michael.bever [at] (Contact Michael  →)

Garret Root

Garret has 13 years of experience in cultural resource management, research, and regulatory compliance. He has served as an architectural historian on many documentation projects, including those under NHPA Sections 106 and 110, NEPA, and CEQA.

garret.root [at] (Contact Garret  →)

Joshua Peabody

Joshua has over 20 years of experience focused on the identification and preservation of archaeological sites through cultural resource management. Joshua also works on strengthening and deepening consultant relations with Tribal communites across the U.S.

joshua.peabody [at] (Contact Josh  →)
Gulf Coast

Brent Handley

Brent is a registered professional archaeologist with 29 years of experience in academic research and cultural resource management projects. He supervises all phases of cultural resource assessment, including organization, operations, research, analysis, and reporting.

brent.handley [at] (Contact Brent  →)
Gulf Coast

Wes Mattox

Wes is a cultural resources team lead with experience conducting all aspects of archaeological field research, including phase I, II, and III projects throughout the southern U.S. and abroad.

cwmattox [at] (Contact Wes  →)

Christopher Donta

Dr. Donta is the New England Cultural Resources practice team lead and an archaeologist conducting state-level reviews and compliance for cultural resources under NHPA Sections 106 and 110.

christopher.donta [at] (Contact Dr. Donta  →)