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As CEO and President of SWCA, Joseph J. Fluder, III, is passionate about delivering sound science and creative solutions to clients and ensuring SWCA is a great place to work for employees. He works with the Board of Directors and leadership to define the strategic vision and develop strategies that result in employee retention, high-quality deliverables, strong financial performance, and growth that provides value to employees, clients, and communities. He focuses SWCA on what makes the organization unique: leading with scientific and technical prowess, reinforcing strong company culture, maintaining an employee ownership structure, harnessing the latest technologies, and offering clients national capabilities and local expertise.

Joseph joined SWCA in 2003 as a water resources and GIS specialist in the company’s Albuquerque, New Mexico, office. He’s held a variety of technical, client-focused, and leadership positions throughout his time and remains engaged with clients, business development, and project execution to this day.