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Pasadena, Calif. — SWCA has secured 7,773 square feet of office and laboratory space at 51 West Dayton in Pasadena, California, for expansion and relocation of its California-Pacific regional headquarters. The 1890s building, once a livery stable, has been seismically retrofitted and comprehensively updated for creative and professional services.

“This is an amazing historic structure, and a very adaptable space that offers SWCA the opportunity to expand in Pasadena, the location of our regional headquarters for more than a decade,” said Cara Corsetti, SWCA paleontologist and senior principal for California and Hawaii. “Pasadena is an excellent location for us, both in terms of our clients in southern California and across the entire region.”

The office, which employs more than 50 scientists and support staff, is currently in a space on South Arroyo Parkway near Pasadena’s historic downtown; the new space can accommodate as many as 75 employees. The firm will take occupancy of the new space in September 2017. SWCA chose to relocate its Pasadena office to accommodate the growing needs of its clients and employees, including walkable amenities, a central location, mass transit, and accessibility.

Headquartered in Phoenix, SWCA has 30 offices and almost 900 employees nationwide, including more than 140 in the California-Pacific region. 

SWCA Pasadena building