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Salt Lake City - SWCA awarded its fifth annual Have a Heart Award to the Salt Lake City office. The Have a Heart Award is given annually to the office that most demonstrates SWCA’s culture of giving by participating in Gives Back events and fundraisers.

In 2018, the Salt Lake City office went above and beyond in their commitment to the new Spreading the Science program. They gave almost 500 hours of the total SWCA volunteer hours. Efforts included multiple events leading up to the Utah Archaeology and Preservation Month in May, the National Park Service, BLM’s Monticello office, and the Friends of Cedar Mesa non-profit organization. The office also donated time and money to Save Our Canyons and The Rescue Mission.  

In addition to the engraved award, the winning office receives a $500 donation to the charity of its choice. The Salt Lake City office chose The Salt Lake Center for Science Education as the charity to receive the $500 donation. Special thanks go out to Lindsey Kester, Kari Chalker, Ralph Burrillo, and Reilly Jensen for their dedication, energy, and commitments to SWCA Gives Back!