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Since 2011, SWCA has been providing Crystal Peak Minerals, Inc. with federal, state, and local agency coordination, resource studies, and plan of development support for their Sevier Playa Potash Project in Utah. Located on 124,000 acres of land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and State and Institutional Trust Lands Administration in Millard County, the project’s Environmental Impact Statement was approved by the BLM in August 2019. Once full permit approvals are in-place, the 30+ year project will provide an important economic investment into rural Utah, as well as potentially doubling current domestic sulfate of potash production while reducing dependence on imports of this critical mineral used in domestic agriculture.   

SWCA was responsible for the development and submittal of various supplemental plans to support the project’s mine plan and the entire NEPA process. Through construction and operation, SWCA will remain engaged with Crystal Peak Minerals, providing biological and cultural resources support, acting as liaison for the State Historic Preservation Office, and participating in the project’s biological technical advisory committee.