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The Dakota Skipper butterfly is federally-listed under the Endangered Species Act. As such, the species has the potential to affect any project in North Dakota that has a federal nexus.

The timelines for getting through the assessment process for this species are very specific:

  • Habitat surveys should be conducted in May so that the need for species-specific surveys are determined early.
  • Species-specific surveys can only be conducted during the adult flight period in late-June and early-July.

Dakota Skipper Survey Season

SWCA Can Help You!

SWCA has the expertise to assess your project and determine whether any regulatory approvals for the Dakota Skipper will be required. With SWCA, you get:

  • Approved Methodology. SWCA’s habitat analysis method is efficient, cost-effective, and agency-accepted for determining the presence of suitable habitat in the project area and for preparing the necessary documentation for project approvals.

  • Federally-Permitted Biologists. SWCA has some of the only individuals that possess a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit to survey the Dakota Skipper. The surveys we conduct are used to determine the presence of the species and identify any applicable permitting requirements.

  • A Proactive Approach. Determining the presence of Dakota Skippers is highly time-sensitive, with only a 3-week survey window in June and July. SWCA helps you start planning early to keep your project timelines on track.

Contact SWCA for more information.