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SWCA awarded Mandy Bengtson, a senior scientist and soil ecologist in Reno, the 2019 Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award.

The award is designed to recognize individuals for demonstrating passion, creativity, and scientific excellence in a manner that advances SWCA’s purpose, mission, vision, and values.

Truly deserving of the award, Mandy exemplifies each of SWCA’s core values. She continues to promote OneSWCA, working on several projects and mentoring employees across the company. Her passion for science and understanding finds her always learning and often developing novel approaches for clients and projects. Mandy’s never settle mentality and critical thinking ability allow her to provide sound scientific solutions for some of the more challenging problems that arise on projects. Finally, she’s an active participant in SWCA Gives Back, participating in volunteer efforts in her local community.

Mandy received her Ph.D. in soil science from the University of Nevada in 2011. She joined SWCA in our Las Vegas office in October 2014. Her skills as a soil scientist have filled a unique niche at SWCA, where she has designed and managed soil mapping efforts, contamination studies, geochemistry analysis, and soil resource interpretation for a variety of clients.

The Steven W. Carothers award honors a scientist following in the footsteps of our founder by using excellent scientific skills to solve client problems. It is awarded annually to one of the four quarterly Larry Semo Scientific Merit Award winners.