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A letter from our CEO in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

The SWCA team feels fortunate to continue supporting critical and essential projects while slowing the spread of COVID-19. When the pandemic expanded, we led with safety. SWCA remains committed to completing project tasks while keeping our employees safe. We proactively created a detailed fieldwork safety plan that outlines specific COVID-19 measures and guidelines to protect our field employees and partners. This safety plan is in accordance with federal and state guidelines and demonstrates our focus on the well-being of employees, clients, partners, and communities. Our plan is now being utilized by others inside and outside our industry. In addition, our office-based employees quickly transitioned to teleworking. SWCA had previously developed a distributed workforce model supported by a strong technology infrastructure, which allowed our employees to seamlessly transition to telework.

The differentiators that have made SWCA great the last four decades are carrying us through this difficult time:

  • Being the industry leader with people and culture
  • Leading with our science and technical expertise
  • Delivering effective technology solutions for clients and employees
  • Providing national capacity and local expertise to clients

We’ve used our core values and purpose as a compass during this time of crisis. Our purpose is simple: to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today. Four core values – OneSWCA, Always Learning, Never Settle, and SWCA Gives Back – serve as daily reminders about how SWCA contributes to something bigger through our employees, business model, clients, and communities.

For almost four decades, SWCA has dealt with client, market, financial, national and international challenges. Through all these challenges, we’ve utilized Sound Science and Creative Solutions by working with employees, clients, and partners. We are confident that we will not only continue to provide our services safely during this uncertain time, but we will emerge even stronger than we are now.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jfluder [at] swca [dot] com (jfluder[at]swca[dot]com). Thank you for your cooperation and support.



Joseph J Fluder III