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Suzanne Eskenazi, an archaeologist and principal investigator in SWCA’s Salt Lake City office, co-edited the new anthology, With Grit and Determination: A Century of Change for Women in Great Basin and American Archaeology, soon to be published by the University of Utah Press. Suzy co-edited the volume and co-wrote the introduction with Nicole M. Herzog, a professor of archaeology and behavioral ecology at the University of Denver. 

The book is listed in the University of Utah Press Fall/Winter 2020 catalog and is available for purchase through The University of Utah Press.

“Spanning more than one hundred years of women’s careers and lives, this collection illuminates what it was and is to be a woman archaeologist. These personal accounts of researchers, ethnographers, and field archaeologists in the private, public, and academic sectors highlight the unique role women have played in the development of American and Great Basin archaeology. Written by women trained or working in the Great Basin, these accounts reflect  the broader landscape of American archaeology, offering a glimpse into a larger narrative about making one’s way in a historically male field. By sharing their stories, the authors highlight the positive aspects of the field, recognize the challenges that still exist, and encourage conversations about inclusion, diversity, and the future of archaeology in the Great Basin and beyond. Their authentic and intimate narratives inspire us to look at challenges not as roadblocks, but as opportunities for lifelong growth and success.”