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Dr. Cody Stropki has been named SWCA’s Rockies Region Disaster and Resilience Director. Cody will be working closely with Anne Cabrera, who recently joined SWCA’s National Disaster and Resilience Director and Rob Lackowicz, SWCA’s Gulf Coast Region Disaster and Resilience Director. With Anne, Rob, and other leaders in SWCA’s Climate Driven Services line, Cody will work to expand SWCA’s role in large-scale resilience and recovery programs throughout the Rockies region. 

Cody brings an extensive knowledge of the disaster and resilience market and has a proven track record building SWCA’s presence in disciplines related to this market in New Mexico and beyond. His vision for expanding this service in his region focuses on collaboration, growth, and diversification.

Cody holds a Ph.D. in watershed management and hydrology with a concentration in fire ecology and soils from the University of Arizona.