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SWCA has recognized Dr. Nate Wojcik, a senior ecologist and project manager in the Denver office, as the 2020 Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award winner. The award is designed to recognize individuals for demonstrating passion, creativity, and scientific excellence in a manner that advances SWCA’s purpose, mission, vision, and values.

Nate Wojcik Nate exemplifies what it means to be a scientific consultant at SWCA. From his first day as a field technician with SWCA in 2008, he used his scientific background and critical thinking skills to objectively approach client issues. This client-focused approach has allowed Nate to grow into one of SWCA’s leaders in the ecology and management of sagebrush ecosystems and in the reclamation and restoration of disturbed landscapes. 

Those who work with Nate know his commitment to SWCA’s Core Values. His collaboration and mentoring across multiple offices and regions are an example of how OneSWCA should work. His strong mentoring relationships provide growth and learning opportunities for other SWCA scientific consultants. His never-settle approach to his projects is evidenced by the high standards that he holds for himself and others on his teams. He gives back by working closely with individuals in and out of SWCA and giving them some of the knowledge and technical expertise that he has gained through his career.

The Steven W. Carothers award honors a scientist following in the footsteps of our founder by using excellent scientific skills to solve client problems. It is awarded annually to one of the four quarterly Larry Semo Scientific Merit Award winners.