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SWCA Environmental Consultants has been selected by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to support its revisions to regulations related to renewable energy permitting and linear rights-of-way on public lands. The rulemaking supports requirements in the Energy Act of 2020 and Executive Order 14008 which prioritize the Department of the Interior’s need to improve all permitting activities and processes to facilitate increased renewable energy production on public lands.

The rulemaking may address:

  • Rent schedules and fees for linear, solar, and wind energy rights-of-way
  • Scenarios or criteria when reduced rents/fees are appropriate for wind and solar rights-of-way
  • Competitive processes for wind and solar rights-of-way
  • Potential extension beyond 30 years for wind and solar rights-of-way
  • Application prioritization and screening rights-of-way
  • Application processing time standards
  • Other improvements to the BLM’s administration of renewable energy and linear rights-of-way, including considerations related to environmental justice

The BLM is accepting public input between Sept. 14 and Sept. 26, 2021, and has scheduled four listening sessions. The BLM anticipates publishing a proposed rule in the Federal Register by early 2022.


Learn more about the BLM’s rulemaking and upcoming listening sessions


If you have any questions regarding permitting renewable energy and transmission lines on federal lands, please do not hesitate to reach out to your primary SWCA contact or:

sstielstra [at] swca [dot] com (Steve Stielstra), Director of Transmission

%20eric [dot] myers [at] swca [dot] com (Eric Meyers), Director of Transmission