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Sarah Sappington has been named the director for the SWCA Sheridan office in addition to Bismarck. 

In her role as the Bismarck Director, Sarah has worked to diversify business while building revenue and establishing a strong market presence in North Dakota.  In addition, Sarah took on the role of developing our Minnesota business, served as a key client manager, and has been a vital local contact for some of our largest clients nationally. 

Sarah brings a great vision for leading Sheridan and Bismarck into 2022, including breaking down boundaries across offices and focusing more on building the right teams for our clients.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah for the last two years and she has consistently demonstrated our core values while always pushing herself to be the best,” said Matt Zoss, Rocky Mountain Plains Vice President. “She has always kept employee focus first, demonstrating caring, honesty, and reliability as principles in her leadership style. Sarah is also always willing to take on new challenges, even if it means getting out of her comfort zone.”