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Chad Baker | Rockies Water Lead To best capture the significant uptick in compliance-based services opportunities in the Rocky Mountain-Plains (RMP) within the last six months and to drive progress for compliance work in RMP, Chad Baker has been named Compliance Services Director for the region.

Chad has been involved on either the permitting or pursuit side for most of these recent opportunities and brings significant value to teams chasing the design and construction of these projects. In this role, he will be focused on positioning teams for existing pursuits, developing new pursuits in other business lines for compliance services, and building/hiring the right team to support these projects successfully. 

Chad joined SWCA in 2006 as a staff biologist. He has been Denver’s NR program director since 2015, built teams to support the renewable energy boom, developed a water resources practice, and strong NEPA and permitting group, and supported our legacy clients in the oil and gas and the energy industry.