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Jacqueline Tilligkeit has been promoted to Quality Technical Director. This is a new position at SWCA, and in this role Jacqueline will work with SWCA employees in every discipline to identify, develop, and implement strategic initiatives and trainings to drive quality and consistency.

Jacqueline’s skills in growing and leading a distributed team of GIS professionals across 5 subregions and 13 offices at SWCA will support her as she develops a companywide Quality Management Program focusing on enabling our technical staff to deliver quality work through tools, resources, practices, and mentorship. 

Jacqueline has a BS in Earth Science and MS in Soil Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She joined SWCA in 2019 as a Regional GIS Lead and has since moved into Principal Geospatial Science Program Lead, working closely with SWCA’s Technology team. Prior to joining SWCA she was a GIS Program Manager, Senior Environmental Scientist specializing in wetland delineations, and a Project Manager.