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Suzanne Griset receiving her award from Jerome Hesse Suzanne Griset receiving her award from Jerome Hesse

Dr. Suzanne Griset, Lead Anthropologist out of our Tucson office, has been named the Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award recipient of 2022.

Joining SWCA in 2006, Suzanne’s expertise and reputation as an archaeologist, ceramic analyst, and ethnographer continue to bring in recurring work with clients. Suzanne facilitates federal agencies and tribal consultations, and her professionalism, friendliness, and active listening skills nurture past, present, and future Indigenous relations.  

Exemplifying SWCA’s core values, Suzanne #NeverSettles in building relationships and searching for new project opportunities to demonstrate our cultural resources expertise. She has been an active member of the Science Leadership Program since its start, serving a variety of roles, including past Chairperson (#OneSWCA). Her #AlwaysLearning mentality is evident in her daily project work and knowledge of southern California and western Arizona prehistoric ceramics and historic basketry, where she edited and contributed to the Western Ceramic Traditions: Prehistoric and Historic Native American Ceramics of the Western U.S. and Pottery of the Great Basin and Adjacent Areas, both published by the University of Utah Press. 

“I am very honored to have been selected by my peers as the 2022 Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award, part of SWCA’s Science Leadership Program (SLP),” Dr. Griset said. “SWCA is unique among environmental firms in recognizing, supporting, and rewarding SWCA scientists’ personal research, publications, and professional outreach through the SLP, and involvement in the development of the business. Over my 17 years at SWCA, I’ve watched the program grow, mature, and reach across all disciplines, especially as we expand our services. It exemplifies our “Sound Science, Creative Solutions” motto. Thank you to my colleagues and everyone who has helped me along the way!”

The Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award honors a scientist following in the footsteps of our founder by applying sound science to maintain our professional credibility, develop our business strategy, and successfully evaluate and pursue new lines of business. The annual Carothers Award recipient is selected from the list of 2022 Lawrence S. Semo Scientific Achievement award winners.