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SWCA National Client Services Director of Mining Andrew Harley recently sat down with Global Business Reports (GBR) to discuss the state of mining in Arizona and Nevada, and the importance of sound environmental compliance in the U.S.

Harley’s responses were featured in GBR’s Arizona and Nevada Mining 2023 Report, which provides a comprehensive look at the mining industry in Arizona and Nevada, including insights from mining associations and companies, the Bureau of Land Management, and environmental consultants.

With more than 30 years of experience navigating environmental solutions for mining clients around the world, Harley understands the unique challenges surrounding environmental regulation and public scrutiny with mining projects in the U.S. His current focus is helping early-stage exploration companies with their permitting strategy in Arizona and Nevada.


“Some Australian or Canadian companies do not always fully appreciate the rigor of the permitting regulation they are confronted with when they arrive in the Southwestern U.S.,” said Harley. “Remaining constantly at the forefront of regulations is in SWCA’s DNA and we help clients navigate this ever-changing regulatory minefield.”

Companies need to rely on a science-based, data-driven, and environmentally sustainable approach to obtain their mining permits; a thorny process, but an achievable and necessary one.

As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impacts continue to be top of mind, water management regulations tighten, and public scrutiny on mining projects increases, obtaining new mining permits in the southwest can be difficult. Environmental consultants can help facilitate this process as a third party between mining firms and federal agencies.  

“We know mining projects will be challenged,” said Harley. “If the science is strong, and we have followed procedures correctly, then the legality of the project is strong.”