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SWCA Environmental Consultants released its 2022 Sustainability Report. The report highlights progress the company made in its journey to achieving its North Star — being the best workplace and industry leader in sustainability, bringing sound science and creative solutions to global environmental challenges while maintaining a dedication to employee-ownership.

“Sustainability isn’t new to SWCA, and it isn’t just ‘what we do’ — it’s who we are. This report allows us to reflect on our past accomplishments, while guiding us to a more productive, sustainable future that aligns with our values,” said CEO and President Joseph J. Fluder, III. “As we continue to grow and expand our service offerings, we will enhance our ability to positively impact the global environment.”


Aligning with the three pillars of SWCA’s Sustainability Framework, some of the report’s highlights include:


In 2022, SWCA enhanced its Total Rewards program, which includes compensation, recognition, and benefits. The company expanded paid family leave and improved educational reimbursement programs based on employee feedback. SWCA continued to focus on career development through its award-winning Career Landscape program and leadership development with the LEAP Level Up training. The latter led to increased engagement and decreased turnover for 115 program graduates and their teams.

SWCA’s employee resource group (ERG) program expanded to 14 ERGS with the launch of its first faith-based group. The employee-led groups held regular meetings, organized social and educational events, and partnered with the Gives Back program. They also collaborated to promote 11 inclusion and diversity theme months throughout the year.



An integral part of SWCA’s corporate culture, the Gives Back program emphasizes community engagement. Gives Back includes a matching grants program, dedicated volunteer hours for employees, and companywide campaigns. In 2022, Gives Back supported 152 organizations through 114 volunteer events and more than $163,000 in employee and company donations.

SWCA also continued its Client Feedback Program, using surveys and one-on-one meetings to improve client satisfaction and loyalty, achieving a Net Promoter Score® of 65 (on a scale of -100 to 100). Furthermore, the company’s Supplier Diversity Program, which prioritizes collaboration with small and diverse businesses, subcontracted $14,873,590 in revenue for 109 such enterprises.



In 2022, SWCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee continued to collaborate with local office Green Team representatives to implement programs and set goals. The company ended the purchase of single-use plastics and addressed its technology lifecycle by donating outdated, unneeded equipment. In partnership with PCs for People, SWCA donated nearly 6,000 pounds of used computers to low-income individuals, families, and nonprofits in the Denver area alone.

The Green Team Network organized 34 environmental volunteer events and launched the Environmental Sustainability Badge Program. The badge program allows local offices to set their own sustainability goals within the established system. In 2022, the team introduced 24 badges covering areas like fieldwork, facilities, purchasing, and events.

SWCA also made significant contributions to the planet through its project work. Examples include supporting biodiversity by controlling invasive species, enhancing habitat while designing clean energy projects, and restoring degraded habitat.


SWCA Environmental Consultants’ 2022 Sustainability Report reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

Read the full 2022 Sustainability Report above or download a pdf version.