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SWCA Environmental Consultants announces the advancement of three new regional senior vice presidents. These additions reflect SWCA’s commitment to supporting its people, clients, and projects across diverse markets and locations. 

“With SWCA’s success, proactively scaling our team to match our growth strategy is key,” said Chief Operating Officer Bob Kroeger. “Carefully selected, these individuals bring more than 70 years of combined experience to their roles. Without question, they possess the expertise and strategic ability to ensure we continue providing value to our employees, clients, and communities for years to come.”

These three individuals join SWCA’s leadership team of executive officers and senior vice presidents.


John Dietler – Senior Vice President, West Region

John Dietler, Vice President John will serve as senior vice president of operations in the West region where he will provide consistent financial performance, employee engagement, profitability, and staff development for the region. John’s position focuses on driving business and client development and enabling employees to be successful across the company by leading and mentoring the region’s vice presidents and directors.

Prior to his role as SVP, John served as vice president for SWCA’s Southern California and Pacific Islands subregion. He joined the company in 2008 and brings more than 29 years of experience in field operations, project management, team building, and cultural resources to this position.


Melanie Gregory – Senior Vice President, North Region 

Melanie Gregory Melanie will serve as senior vice president for the firm’s North region. She will drive strategic growth and operational excellence, while guiding multidisciplinary teams and fostering client relationships to ensure delivery of creative, sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

Joining SWCA in 2012, and most recently serving as the vice president of the Midwest/Northeast subregion, Melanie brings 24 years of experience in field operations, program management, and natural resources to this position.


Mike Crow – Senior Vice President, South Region 

Mike Crow Mike will serve as the senior vice president for SWCA’s South region, where he will oversee business and client development, collaborate with executives to enhance strategic plans, and maintain senior-level technical support for projects. 

Joining SWCA in 2006, and most recently serving as the vice president of the South Central/Gulf Coast subregion, Mike brings more than 20 years of experience in project management, business and client development, and operational management to this position.