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Jess DeBusk joins SWCA as Senior Cultural Resources Director. In this role, Jess will lead a team of archaeologists, architectural historians, and paleontologists across the Southern California subregion. Additionally, Jess will manage and develop staff, oversee project execution, ensure successful project delivery, develop new business opportunities, and deliver exceptional client service. 

Jess has over 20 years of experience in environmental consulting across California and the western U.S. She previously worked for SWCA from 2004 to 2012 and has grown cultural and paleontological resource programs at several other firms since then. “During the early phase of my career at SWCA, I acquired essential skills and knowledge that prepared me for the senior management positions I’ve held since,” said Jess.

Jess’ areas of expertise include operations, strategic planning and growth, and business development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in geology and an MBA with a focus on sustainability.

“It is a pleasure to be back at SWCA, and I am honored to be leading a team of such highly qualified cultural resource management experts. In this role, I hope to foster the professional development of my team members while working collaboratively with other SWCA colleagues to expand and diversify the business, all while continuing to deliver top-notch consulting services,” said Jess.