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SWCA Environmental Consultants announces the advancement of three senior directors to elevate the firm’s development and delivery of innovative technology solutions and services, human resources support, and company culture. These promotions reflect SWCA’s commitment to supporting its people, clients, and projects across diverse markets and locations. 

“Our corporate services leaders play a pivotal role in enhancing the employee and client experience,” said SWCA’s Chief People Officer Deborah Owens. “Our dedicated corporate services leaders not only provide necessary services to the rest of the organization; they are steadfast allies who build meaningful connections with our employees and clients, serving as trusted partners to ensure satisfaction and success. Congratulations Christian, Locke, and Kristin!” 


Christian Hartnett – Senior Practice Technology Services Director  

Christian serves as senior practice technology services director for SWCA’s practice technology team. He and his team of approximately 80 people lead the delivery of geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial services to clients and provide support for computer-aided design (CAD) systems and field data collection services.  

Joining SWCA in 2008, Christian brings 21 years of experience in program and project management, GIS, geospatial science, and technology to this role.  


Locke Brillhart – Senior Solution Development and Business Services Director 

Locke serves as senior solution development and business services director for SWCA’s technology team. He leads a team of 12 in developing solutions and working with artificial intelligence to bring solid, functional software and systems for project managers and client-facing teams to use on projects around the country. 

Locke brings 28 years of experience in software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, and enterprise systems to this role. 


Kristin Dizinno - Senior People Support Director 

Kristin serves as senior people support director for SWCA’s people support team. She leads employee relations, compliance programs, performance management, and inclusion & diversity.  

Kristin brings extensive experience in human resources to this role, with 17 years in employee relations, compliance, learning and development programs, and recruitment.